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Bring Sarah to You

Nothing connects a student to reading in quite the same way as meeting an author. As a former school librarian, I know firsthand both the value and the cost associated to bringing an author into a school or library. As a result, I try to accommodate many budgets* and requests. Below is a list of programs and workshops I have prepared for students of various ages and writing experiences. I listed all my current programs below, along with the recommended age range and time limit. If you have an idea for a program but don't see one below, contact me and we can see what we can come up with. I can do programs for Kindergarten students to adults and everyone in between. 

To schedule a visit, contact Sarah at


* Rates valid for the 2023-24 school year.

School Visits

Are you looking for a way to get your entire school excited about reading? Authors are a great way to do just that. With a variety of programs geared for all ages, school visits can be split between schools within the same school district or kept within one building. School visit costs include as many programs and workshops as you can pack into a school day*. Each school visit can include one after school program or workshop.

Costs for schools in Hancock County (IN) - $300/day flat rate.

Cost for schools in Indiana - $500/day plus travel mileage and hotel if visit requires overnight accommodations. (Mileage is waived for the following counties: Hancock, Marion, Johnson, Hamilton, Shelby, Henry, Delaware, Madison, Rush.)

Cost for school visits outside of Indiana - $700/day plus travel expenses. 


* Schedules should include a 15 minute break between each session and a break for lunch. Sarah would prefer to either eat with a small group of students who love to read and/or write or teachers. Don't forget to schedule a few "10 in 10" classroom presentations if the schedule allows.

Sarah believes all students should have a chance to be inspired by the creative process. If your school is unable to fully fund a visit, contact her at to see about a discounted rate. (Limited dates available.)

Supplies for Visits


For all writing workshops, Sarah will need a large pad of paper (preferably one with adhesive on the pages) on an easel and markers. For groups over 45 students, she will need a microphone. If a mic is not available, she can provide a small portable PA system.

45-60 minute programs


Author Q&A 


With each Q&A program, Sarah shares how her love for reading influenced her passion for writing. Afterwards, she opens the floor up to take questions from students. This program can be done as a multi-grade program or mulitple times to accommodate different grade levels.


Time: 45 minutes 

Ages: all ages




Sneak Peek in a Writer's Toolbox


Writer's use all sorts of tools and apps to inspire them. This workshop is aimed at teachers who are looking for new ideas to get kids inspired in (and out) of the classroom. This program includes writing prompts, acting techniques and a variety of resources for you to use in the classroom.


Time: 45 minutes

Ages: Teachers and Staff

Plot Development Lite


All good stories have one thing in common: a strong plot. This presentation simplifies the plotting process and helps focus a writer's vision of their current work in progress. Participants will engage in writing activities that can then be used as tools for future works.


Time: 45 minutes

Ages: grades 5 & 6, middle/high school, adult


JUNIOR Writing Workshop


New for the 2016-17 school year, introduce your youngest students to the joys of writing in this simplified version of the Plot Development Lite workshop. Using easy to understand themes and colorful creatures as characters, students will create a story plot for a picture book. Afterwards, Sarah will read aloud her favorite book of the season.


Time: 30-40 minutes

Ages: Kidergarten - 3rd grade

Library Visits


Do you have a teen writing club at your library? Are you interested in providing hands on programs that feature activities designed to inspire creativity? Are you looking for ways to connect with your local schools? Then schedule a library visit with Sarah. Choose two programs from the list below or an Author Q&A and one workshop. I am also open to splitting two events between two branches (same day only) for the same fee as one. Looking for a more intense writing immersion? Then schedule a 4-hour writing intensive.


Libraries that serve inner city or rural populations (outside of Indiana) may qualify for a $100 discount for helping to arrange a free 45-minute Q&A presentation with a local middle or high school. 


Cost for Library visits in Indiana - $100/day plus mileage (currently 65.5 cents/mile) and hotel if the visit requires overnight accommodations. 


Cost for Library visits outside of Indiana - $250/day plus travel expenses. (This rate includes built in fees for travel days. Travel costs and hotel expenses are additional.)

Supplies for Visits


For all writing workshops, Sarah will need a large pad of paper on an easel and markers. For groups over 45, she will need a microphone. If a mic is not available, she can provide a small portable PA system.

90 minute workshops

(These workshops are ideal for afterschool activities for aspiring writers.)


Character Development Workshop


Does your character's eye color matter? Does he or she resent authority? Why? Character development is imperative for any story. This hands on workshop will look at how a character's past influences their actions in the present and where inspiration can be found to create a character as unique as the student writer. (Best when combined with Plot Development Workshop.)


Time: 90 minutes

Ages: high school, adult


Plot Development Workshop


Similar to character development, poor plot planning can be the downfall of your story. Learn how your favortie movies can hold the key to keep your writing from falling apart. Come armed with an idea and by the time this session is over, writers should be well on their way to a well crafted storyline. (Best when combined with Character Development Workshop.)


Time: 90 mninutes

Ages: high school, adult


Critique Group Workshop


Are you looking to start a creative writing club on your campus or at your library? Already have an established group? This workshop will help you take your constructive feedback to another level. After a discussion about effective ways of communicating critiques, students will produce original content using writing prompts before sharing them with their peers. If time allows, those wishing to share a few pages of their current work-in-progress.


Time: 90 minutes

Ages: high school, adult

NaNoWriMo-ing to Success


It's A Wonderful Death was written in 23 days as part of National Novel Writing Month 2012. As a result, I love to be involved with schools and library programs celebrating the power of the written word. If you are looking for someone to kick off the month or share a top ten tips to survive NaNoWriMo, schedule a NaNoWriMo program. My NaNoWriMo program consists of a 45-minute Q&A as well as a 75-minute pre-writing workshop that should help particpants get ready for a month of binge writing.

Set up for this program must include a computer connection with a USB flash drive port and Powerpoint.


Cost for NaNoWriMo programs (flat rate) - $300 plus travel expenses. 

Time: 45 min. Q & A followed by 75 minute workshop (includes breaks)

Ages: high school, adult

NaNo Writer-in-Residence Program

Beginning with the 2017-2018 school year, Sarah will be offering Writer-in-Residence opportunities for NaNoWriMo. This program will combine a full day of workshops where students will be inspired to try their hand at writing a novel in 30 days. Then, after participating students have had time to write and revise their work, Sarah will return and meet with students in small critique groups for one hour. The number of small group sessions depends on the number of students who participate. These small group sessions will allow time for peer feedback as well as feedback from Sarah on ways to make their work stronger.  


Cost for NaNoWriMo Writer-in-Residence Program - $1000 plus travel expenses (any state). All materials provided. This includes a 1-2 day school visit (in September or October) and 1-2 days of peer critique meetings with Sarah (in March or April). The entire program will consist of three days total.  Due to the cost of this program, Sarah encourages schools  to look for grants to help offset the cost. One additional day can be added for a fee of $250.

Only one (1) Writer-in-Residence Program will be available each school year.  Book this event early. 

Ages: grades 8+ and adult

Writing Intensive

This intensive is not for the faint of heart. Using writing prompts and activities designed to get the creative juices flowing, participants will leave with a flushed out plot for a new story and a deeper understanding of their main character(s) goals, motivations and conflict.


A combination of both the character and plot development workshop, this intensive seminar will give even the newest beginner the tools they'll need to complete a manuscript. And for seasoned writers, this workshop will hopefully provide some nuggets that can help take your writing to the next level.


Time: 4 hours (with breaks built in)

Ages: high school, adult

FREE Skype/Hangouts Vistis

Looking for a guest speaker for a writing club or classroom author visit? Sarah will gladly do 20-30 minute Skype or Google Hangout visits free of charge. Time slots are limited, so schedule your visit soon.


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