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New Years Resolutions Suck!

I am horrible at resolutions. It’s not because I make too many grand plans for the new year. It’s because I am one of those people who, if let's say I was on a diet and after the first time of “falling off the wagon” once, would just stay off the wagon because why not. Apparently that's where all the cheesecakes are.

I don’t know if it’s because of my zodiac sign (Taurus) or my personality type (ENFP, y’all), but there is something about not completing a part of a goal that makes me throw the entire attempt out the window and watch it burn on the way down.

Last year, I was talking to my mom about this and she agreed with me that making resolutions are stupid. (My words, not hers.) I thought yes, my momma has given permission to say screw the tradition of announcing to the world the things you want to change about your life, your situation, your weight, your everything. Except, that’s not exactly what she was saying. In fact, it was worse.

Because, as much as I hate not to complete the resolutions, there is a little bit of satisfaction that there is one less thing on my mental to-do list, regardless of the reason. But mom found a way to put them right back on my plate and with an extra side of accountability. #thanksmom

She suggested that, rather than resolutions, I should consider coming up with a list of intentions.

Huh? Aren’t those the same things?

Well, not really. Resolutions are resolves. We are going to do it or we are not going to do it. But intentions are more like establishing a habit. They take time and require more concentration. They acknowledge that there will be days we are less intentional but they don’t let us off the hook when those days happen.

So I tried mom's intentions theory for 2017. And I struggled. I mean really struggled. But I can honestly say that, on the eve of this new year, I managed to keep my intentions as focal points of my life for the entire year.

Even when faced with upheaval, disappointment, and anger.

So this year, I will do the same. I will name my intentions.

So here we go!

I intend to be more mindful.

That’s it. Six words. No explanation.

(Okay, who are we kidding? I’m totally going to explain.)

  • I intend to stop trying to multi-task and learn to be in the moment.

  • I intend to write, not just be a writer.

  • I intend to instill in my children a curiosity for learning and a desire to serve others, not just try to get through our homeschool day.

  • I intend to celebrate the works of others and reject envy.

  • I intend to put myself out there to develop true friendships with kindred spirits.

  • I intend to replace my wasted time with a productive hobby. *

  • I intend to keep my commitments even if the wind chill is -30.**

  • I intend to put my marriage on the front burner instead of always letting it play second fiddle.***

  • I intend to be intentional with my words and humble in my deeds.

  • I intend to replace lashing out in anger with reaching out in kindness.

  • I intend to be the best version of me that I can, even if it takes all year to do it. ****

So who's with me on abandoning this tired tradition of resolutions and climb on board the train of intentional mindfulness? Post your thoughts in the comment section below.

* The author once read an article that said when your hobby becomes your profession, you need to replace the hobby role with something else in order to elevate your past hobby. And, while the author is not sure she buys into such psychological manipulation of the self, she has about 14 afghans to make in the next 8 years if she is to continue her grandmother's tradition of presenting one to each child upon graduation so she's going to roll with it.

** The author would like to note that she will be consulting the forecast before making said plans because there is NO WAY she intends to go anywhere when the windchill is -30.

*** The author is well aware that this is a mixed-metaphor but would kindly remind you this is her blog and she can write what she wants even if it flies in the face of certain writing practices.

**** The author is well aware it will probably take not just the next year, but the rest of her life to accomplish this. You’ll probably be seeing this one every year. She is unapologetic about it.

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