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Blog Reboot 8.7.3

You would think someone who can churn out 70-80,000 words of complete thoughts and sentences could manage a daily blog post. And you would be wrong.

Okay, yes, there are lots of authors out there who manage to maintain a well-organized blog with original content that is not only witty but purposeful. I bow down before that writer.

However, because I am a writer and I am notorious for trying things over and over until they FINALLY work, this is my blog reboot 8.7.3.

I don’t know what it’s going to look like. I have a blog plan. See:

I know what I want to write about for the next six weeks. Now to actually post them all… which means write them all… which means not getting sucked into a game on my tablet thus keeping me up until 3 am when I’m supposed to be writing them. Oh… there’s my first post for March: How to not write ... anything! (Second post of the month might be an admission that I might use the ellipsis a little too much ... maybe.)

The one thing I can promise is I will try to keep the posts worth reading. I will try to keep them fun. And I will try to keep them positive. And, I will start tomorrow. Because, like any writer worth their weight in printer ink, procrastination is part of my process.

Until then, BE GENEROUS!

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