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Let the pre-release party begin!

Since Wednesday, my stomach has been in knots and I'm doing everything I can not to let the bounce in my step shoot me to the moon. Why? Because October 6th is just around the calendar corner. So, imagine my surprise to get a fabulous tweet showcasing my little old book on a Barnes and Noble shelf next to none other than one of my fave authors to fangirl over. Rainbow Rowell.

I went through a mixture of emotions in about ten minutes.

Disbelief. Could this really be happening? Am I really a published author?

Frustration. But my release date isn't until the 6th. Why? All my plans. All the anxiety I won't get to endure. Oh cruel world, why? And why on earth is it shelved under Teen Romance? There is no romance in it at all.

Acceptance. Yes. This is really happening and no, the world is not out to destory all your plans for next week.

Looking on the bright side. Wait. If friends and family live near a Barnes and Nobles can now see it, feel it, and even buy it. And okay, the romance thing is still processing, but hey, maybe it will find a new audience. It's a stretch, but I'm still working on it. And with so many amazing books coming out on October 6, this jumping the gun thing could be a could sales promotion. (As in, are you waiting for The Sword of Summer, Carry On, The Rose Society, Romancing the Dark in the City of Light, etc. but need something to read RIGHT NOW? Pick up It's A Wonderful Death to help you fill that lonely time.)

To Absolute and Unapologetic Joy. This is the day when my dream came to reality. I did this. (Well, with an army of friends and family.)

So now, I say, bring it and let's party!

Starting today and running through Wednesday at 5pm, tweet pr post a picture on instagram featuring #itsawonderfuldeath (using hashtag) in the wild and I will enter you into a drawing to win a one of a kind full of so much goodness it's not even funny mystery box. There will be at least one signed book (not IAWD). No purchase needed, though it's appreciated. Just show me where you've seen #itsawonderfuldeath and you could win.

Recap of Details:

Give away dates - 10/2-10/7 at 5pm

Challenge: Take a picture of #itsawonderfuldeath in the wild and tweet/instagram it using the #itsawonderfuldeath hashtag. Make sure to tag me @SJSchmitt (twitter) or #sarahjschmitt (instagram) and tell me where you are.

Why: To win a super cool, top secret prize pack with at least one signed book (NOT IAWD)

What I live outside of the US? Sorry guys. This box is going to be so loaded with goodies I don't think I can afford international postage. But, if you have a US mailing connection, by all means, snap away!

Can't wait to see your pics!

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