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It's April Fools Day, y'all!

It's a trickster's paradise! April Fools Day! Oh yeah! So today, in honor of this most holy of days, I'm dedicating this entire post to videos of suggested pranks you could do. I promise to screen all these videos to make sure there isn't anything too disgusting... of course, the word too is subjective! Muwhahahaha!

Also, make sure to check back tomorrow because I will be sending you to an AWESOME REVEAL!!

From my favorite Russian Hacker! Love him!

Okay, I'm not going to lie, all I can think when I watch this is how I would have to be the one having to clean it up!

And finally, who doesn't like DRY ICE! I should warn you there is some strong language in this one! Some people can't take a joke!

That's it! Happy April Fool's Day and check back tomorrow for some AMAZING news... it will be quiet the "REVEAL".

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